Hello World

Let's get this started.

Posted by Michael Ricks-Aherne on June 26, 2017

So I'm finally taking the plunge and starting a blog, after rejecting the idea for years.

Why now?

The short version is that I want to reach a wider audience. I've always been writing down my thoughts, but to date they've been confined to company wiki's and private journals. And while those are nice, there have been numerous occasions where a colleague has suggested I make a post public. Each time I thought, "Hey, yeah, that's a good idea." Each time it's written on my todo list. And each time it slides down in priority, never to be seen again.

Not anymore! Today is a new day. A new blog. A new recurring todo!

What to expect.

A large variety of topics.

If all goes well, in the weeks to come you'll find this place filled with thoughts on Aerospace, on Machine Learning, on Education, on Continuous Integration, Visualization, Science, Life, the Universe and Everything. This blog will reflect my brain, as best I can capture it, with all the tangents and detours left intact. I hope that by mining myself continuously, I may eventually strike gold, and in doing so help us all move forward.

So let's get started.